February 10, 1999 - October 15, 2003

Casey, A.K.A., My Spuddy Buddy, was my best friend for 4 years. He found me at the local animal shelter. He was all alone and looking so scared, but we looked at each other and knew that he had a new home. He came home with me and didn't even know that outside could be so much fun. I had to coax him out into the back yard. He loved to fetch and run. We played the 'get Casey' game. He would run and I would chase him all over the yard. He would finally let me catch him for his pets and scratches. He kept me warm and safe on cold winter nights when my husband was out of town. He was such a sweet, handsome boy. Everyone that met him gushed on how nice he was. Friendly beyond words, he would play gently with a small ferret even though Casey was 109 lbs. He would jog with me in the mornings and talk to me when I came home from work at night. After dinner was 'bankie time'. He'd swing his blanket around and we would wrap him up in it just so he could wrestle his way out. Then came the ball toss and run. He didn't want to bring it back; he wanted us to chase him around the house.

Cancer took him away from me entirely too soon..... I will sorely miss his happy face and full body wag. His tail was a deadly weapon that gave me bruises more than once and cleaned off the coffee table regularly. The house just won't be the same without his horse of a self running around getting into everything.

Much love forever,

Wendy, Mike and Nicole

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