Maggie, Our dearly beloved Old English Sheepdog. I miss you so much because I still love you. And I always will. aka Shaggy Maggie, officially Thompson's Lady Margaret, you will never be forgotten. I'll never forget your "belly up" when you met me at the door EVERY day when I came home from work. I'll always remember your figure 8's around the shed when you were younger. Sometimes, I can still hear your grunts and groans when we talked...the way you nuzzled towards my face when we played hide and seek on the living room floor, your barking at the vacuum.... .so many memories, so much love we shared. You really are the best doggie in the whole, wide, world. I hope I didn't wait too long, hope I didn't cause your final days to be too painful. I just couldn't bear to think of life without you. Your star will keep you somehow alive forever.

I'll always love you, Maggie!

PS - Deb, JP, Linda & Jason loved you too! And, of course, your son, Hank. He misses you as much as I do. Please be there waiting when I get to see you again?

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