Maile was one of two our "test kids". We weren't ready for the real kids, and so got the dogs instead; a decision that we've never regretted! We could not decide which of the two puppies to choose from when we met her breeder, so we ended up taking both. Besides, they were the runts of their respective litters. Maile and her cousin, Kimo, came home with us and proved to be ever trustworthy and loyal. Maile was a tri-colored beagle and blessed our lives for 12-1/2 years. Contraray to popular believe of beagles and hounds, she was very quiet and in fact rarely barked. She truly only barked if her companion/cousin, Kimo, did. She was known for her "quiet eyes" in that she stared at family members so intently when wanting attention, that after a while you "knew someone or something" was looking at you.

I can still see her dancing on her front paws when she realized that she actually got my attention, and only then would let out a little "yip". She came close to death death twice. Once, she and Kimo made a break for the forest, having caught the scent of deer in the backyard. After searching all day, we gave up thinking that they would perish together as freezing rains and temperatures was predicted for that night. Late into the night as we were crying, we heard whimpering from the outside, only to discover our two beloved creatures who managed to find their way home. Despite bloodied paws and extreme fatigue, they managed to still give us a slobbering welcome that only a beagle could do. Only they and God knew where their travels were for that cold December day.

Her second brush occurred after they "made another break" from our house about 4 years ago. Kimo came back with his tail between his legs after a hour, but Maile was no where to be found. We searched for three days, and agreed that if we didn't find her, we would give up. Oh the tears came then! My husband made one last effort and roamed the local humane society, and on the off chance, asked if they had received all of the lost animals for the day. The worker stated they "just got a van in", and who should we find cowering in the cage? None other than our beautiful though very frightened little Maile. Seems she was attacked by a pack of coyotes (common in our area). They bit her hind quarters and as a result, she sustained a hernia. She managed to burrow herself in a grove of large bushes that prevented the coyotes from attacking her further. Luckily the bushes were near a farmers house and she happened to hear whimpering. She couldn't coax Maile out and ended up calling the humane society, who managed to reach her. Turns out, this farmer's wife was related to our babysitter! Think of the chances of us losing her to the coyotes or even the fact that had my husband not asked the questions, we would not have had her for 4 more years! God was watching out for our tough little girl! And that she was even up until her death on 10/21/03.

She's smilling her quiet eyes on us now, and as my son said on the day of her death, "God, you're on poop patrol for Maile now!"

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