On the day he arrived the breeder named him "Floyd"

On day 2 three of us agreed on the name "Tyrq" (Turk)

On day 3 (as a puppy) he bit on the bottom of our kitchen cupboards, backed up and peeled off a small strip of veneer on each cabinet........Renamed him "MUNCH"

He was so much fun and weird at the same time. He's the only dog we know that would run out of the house and bark at jet contrails, heard cockroaches, chase butterfly's, humming birds and roll over when I would cross my arms.

A beautiful animal who was taken from us after 4 years due to Lymphoma Cancer. I hope he finds my mom and dad they will take loving care of him and he will love them forever too! We'll see you Munch as soon as our chores are done.

"Mindy" (his shelty girlfriend) grieves & misses him as much as we do.

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