My Friend Savannah The Boxer

10/29/1993 - 09/13/2003

It was a damp and dreary New Years eve in 1993 when my daughter,Lisa, and I first met a small bundle of energy that immediately captivated our hearts. She was my friend and my companion for nearly ten years. She became a major member of the family. Vacations and holidays were planned in a manner that she would be able to share in the enjoyment and festivities. She had many battles with physical problems but she never gave up and she never whined or cried with the pain.

Without any warning she was struck with cancer which was incurable. Her heart was so brave but the cancer took its toll weakening her to the point we had to have her put to sleep. As she went to sleep, I thanked her for taking such good care of me and for being such a dear friend. I loved you so much and your memory will always be a part of my heart.


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