It was a cold evening in January that my boyfriend came home and took this tiny dog from under his coat. I did not want another dog at that time and said so many times. But I just couldn't turn this little fellow away. He was so helpless.

He stayed and got a little bigger, not much though! He bonded with the terrier dog we had and they did everyting together. When the terrier turned fifteen, he got real sick and I had to put him down. Tuffy's life was never the same. He missed his "brother". He started to hand around with my daughter's dog when we had the occasion to do so.

About the same time, Tuffy was diagnosed with Glaucoma. The sight in one eye went fast, but the other took more than a year to completely go.

My boyfriend left me but Tuffy stayed. We spent eleven years alone, just the two of us. He became everything to me, my friend, my companion, my "husband". Actually, he was the best "man" I ever had!

Two years ago he went to live with my daughter because he needed more care than I could give him at that time as I worked many hours then and she was at home. He was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and we kept him as long as we could and then we knew it was time.

I also have cancer and I hope when my time comes it will be as peaceful a death as Tuffy's was. He lived from November, 1986 to September, 2003 -- seventeen wonderful years.

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