Friday Dec 19,2003, I had to let my very best friend go. This is a small tribute to Bentlee. My heart hurts, it is hard to breath, I am lost and do not know what to do without you. I miss your slim, your regal bark, and you clacking on the wood floor.

I have had dogs before and loved them all but you were special. I could not wait to get off work just to come and see your cute big face and rub your ears, you would give out your oh god that feels good noise. If I had a bad day as soon as I got home that bad day was gone. Your family will miss you dearly.

I hope you get to find out were the fish are. We would fish with you and watch you stick your head in the water to try to find them. I hope you get to catch those planes you tried so hard to chase down in the backyard.

You will always be remembered and your Mommy, Dad, Amber, and Mittens (she has outlived three dogs, now 18 yrs old) will be lost for quite a while without you. You have given us the best memories.

Bentlee, (bubba boy), A DAMN FINE DOG, My son.

May 11,1993-December 19, 2003.

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