Abu (BuBu)

BuBu is our beloved 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier. He holds a very special place in our hearts. BuBu was a very sweet and gentle dog, especially to the children. I remember picking BuBu out as a 6 week-old puppy - He was the sweetest and cutest puppy in the litter. I even remember telling my husband a a 'little white lie' about how much I spent on BuBu, just because he was so cute and I wanted him so badly! I always knew BuBu was a special gift from God. he was always there for me and my family. the companion wh when you were sad and lonely, the playmate when you needed a friend. His best buddy was Sara, our wolf/malamute mix who passed away in July of 2003. Oh how he loved to be with her, play with her, cuddle up and sleep with her. When she died, you could see how he missed Sara! I bet right now, they are running together in heaven - happy too see each other again.

We had recently found out that BuBu had a heart murmur. He was having very hard time breathing over the past few weeks, so RJ (my husband) took him to our vet. The vet explained that BuBu's heart had become enlarged and he was retaining a lot of fluid. The vet started him on a vigorous medication therapy to him breathe better. BuBu made progress over the two day hospitalization, and looked like he was ready to come home this weekend to recover. But less than 24 hours after he came home, he started having trouble breathing again. By the time we called the vet again, BuBu was gone; he left this world in RJ's arms. BuBu was cremated and his ashes were laid to rest in the same Texas bluebonnet garden that Sara was laid to rest in.

We love BuBu so very much and he will be greatly missed by everyone, but especially by me.

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