My heart is broken, never to mend
As I mourn the loss of my beloved friend
Who saw me through my darkest days.
He took my pain, and chased it away.

But now my days are darker still.
Without his love, I'll notice the chill
Of winter much stronger than before.
The little dog that I adored
Has broken my heart, forever.

You were the only thing in the world that made me want to go on, and you gave me almost ten years of unconditional love, loyalty, and support. I drew my strength from you, and it was you who had enough love left over for Bamber too. You were so small in size, yet larger than life itself in so many ways. You leave us in a tiny corner by ourselves to grieve until we can join you in the vast world of love that you created for us. We will see you soon my beautiful little Charlie, I promise. All my love, forever, and Bambers' too.

Thank you for everything, but most of all, for waiting for me to come home.

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