Gizmo you were the best dog in the world i will miss you forever and ever. whenever mom and dad yelled at me you were there to cheer me up. Now i hate my life i think it is the worst thing in the world but when i die i will be with you agian and there is nothing to stop me from loving you.

When dad came home from the vet he told me you were dead i did not believe him i thought you were still in the car because i knew that you could not die because i did not get a chance to say bye-bye i love you. when dad finally convinced me that you passed away i ran up stairs and went in my room and cried and cried and cried intill i fell asleep. I loved you more then any one but i did not treat you like it and i am really sorry. I would always hurt you and you never did any thing because you loved me.

if it was between me and you to die i would pick me thats how much i love you.

Brit,dad, and even mom miss you VERY much.

bye gizzie I LOVE YOU charlie

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