Jade.....you came into my life when I needed you most. From the minute your owner brought you to my house at 9 months of age, I knew you were meant to be mine. I know you didn't realize this at first, as you were scared and knew nothing else but your crate and your owner. Your loyalty showed when your owner walked out the front door and you stood there crying for hours waiting for her to return for you. When you realized she wasn't returning for you, and that I was your new owner, you shunned me. I knew because of your loyalty this was your way of grieving. I let you be and explore your new territory. As the weeks past, we began to work together to form trust in eachother. Remember, way back when....when I would go to touch your paw and you would pull away? After months of taking baby steps with you to gain my trust, I could feel you begin to trust me, and me you. We began our nightly walks together, and I slowly began to physically work with you by simple brushings, and touching you so you would know I would NEVER hurt you. Our trust was built our bond started form....just you and I, nobody else......into a bond beyond imagination.

Through our 3 short years together, you became my best friend FOREVER. You always knew what I was thinking, and feeling and responded with your caring and protective ways. I in turn knew what you were feeling and thinking always. We've been through hell together until your daddy (John) came into our lives. Our lives were now complete, with a daddy who cared and loves you just as much as I do. Your active, fun, sassy and protective ways brought a smile to our faces everyday, NEVER to be forgotten. Even though you didn't need to protect me from your daddy when he would tickle me and just wrestle around, you weren't allowing it.....the way you would lay your entire 110 lb. gorgeous body over me and growl to protect me was more then ever expected of you....but you always gave your all.

Then one day while we were walking in the park with your sister (Onyx) I noticed you were limping. I immediatley got this gut feeling, "this isn't good." While one trip to the vet discovered nothing, I continued to care for you just as you did me through the years. I then discovered the lump in your paw that wasn't there weeks prior. Your second trip to the vet confirmed, "this isn't good", and my worst fear came true, you had cancer. The decision put forth upon me was the hardest decision of my life.

Please forgive me for doing what I thought best, and not letting you suffer the terrible pain of the progression of cancer. I couldn't bear to see you in pain, even though I know you were covering it up....for me. The X-rays of your paw, showed me just how much pain you were in. I put myself in your position (condition) and made the decision to let you cross the Rainbow Bridge 4 days later. We now grieve beyond what I thought humanly possible. My life isn't the same without your beautiful face. I think of you every minute of the day. I know you put Onyx in charge of everything you took charge of, and she is now playing your roll. But please know that Onyx and no other pet, will ever take your place. Jade.....you are not replaceable....not even the part of my heart you took with you when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you Jade, and thank you for bringing so much happiness to our lives. We will miss you everyday we breath. Your memorial is in the center of our entertainment center, so you will always be with us in spirit. But please know, my best friend, we will meet again and be together forever when I cross the Rainbow Bridge to get you! Love Always, Mom (Debbie), Dad (John), and Onyx (your forever sister)

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