Koko Glazer

Koko was my family's dog. We bought her when I was seven. Now I'm seventeen and we just came from the vet's where she was put to sleep.

I remember when she was a puppy with glasses who played with her cousin, Cinammon. Koko barked when we went down the basement (or even when we mentioned the word). She barked when we ran the vacuum or when we yelled at each other. I always was happy that she hated to see us fight. She'd run outside on her little legs and grab the baseball my dad and I were using to play catch and she usually dropped it before she walked over to us, which was always funny.

I remember when she ran outside in the field while I was playing soccer with my friends and she actually scored a goal. My sister and I always joked about her black nail and how she wanted to be Carson Daly. Her ears never folded like other Shelties, even though we tried to get them to plenty of times.

But you were the most special dog in the world to us and we all miss you Koko. You're at peace now.

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