KYE - You left us on Halloween 31st October 2002, so suddenly yet so very much deserved. You suffered in pain and we didn't know, but everyday you were constantly by our side, you loved your daily walks and every chance you got would love going out with us. You were always our protector not because you had to , but because of the special bond of trust and love we shared.

KYE - Not a day goes by that I don't shed a tear as I miss you so very much. Looked in my heart is my memory of you and the joy you gave me. I used to call you "Sunshine Kye" because you gave me so much sunshine and happiness. If I could turn back time and have you here I'd give the world, but I can't so I live with your memory of our short time together.

Sleep well Kye, I know you're still here with me and that keeps me strong.

Mum and Dad

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