Little Man, Red, our little mystery fella

Adopted 2 years and 5 days ago on 11 November 2001, at about 14 years old. Totally deaf and almost blind, how could you have been a stray? But that's the mystery.

You came home with us and joined Elsa and Blue, and you never put a foot wrong. For the first year we had you, you were even cheeky and quite lively. Time was to catch up with you quickly in the second year though, and ultimately the prostate cancer that caused us to end your suffering on 16 November 2003.

You were so quiet and unassuming. You asked for so little, and were so well behaved. Everyone who met you loved you little fella, including China, our GSD pup, who came home with us after Blue died in December 2002. She was doing so well learning to "round you up" for me when you couldn't see which way we'd gone! The girls still peep into your bed to see if you're there when they come home from a walk.

We'll miss your quiet little ways, I wish I'd known you when you were younger. Sleep tight little man. Wake up at the bridge hearing the birds singing and seeing everything crystal clear -- play hard little lad.

All our love

Katrina, Glen, Elsa and China

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