TC, Rat Rat, Amy & Cinemax

T.C. (Tom Cruise) 2002 He was the meanest dog in the world when I adopted him but he became my love. I love you little one. RatRat 2002 You were with us a very short itme but you were so loved. We miss you.

Amy 2003 You were going to be PTS and the shelter sent you home with me as you were so aggressive and mean, You became my special girl and taught me the Impossible is possible. If I had know you would be with me such a short time because my Dad let you out of your yard, you would have gone with Mom that day we had to take Daddy to the ER. I told them you were dead before I even got home. You sent me a message thru my mind. You have hurt me almost as much as Cinemax's loss. I miss you my special girl. and every beat of my heart

Cinemax 6/22/99. Cinemax's Rescue is named after my beloved Poodle that passed away in June of 1999. He was a rescue that picked me. He had been kicked by his prior owner in the jaw shattering it so badly it had to be removed. I went to look at a friends poodles and Cinemax ran up to me and I carried him everywhere. When I got ready to go and went to hand him back and she said, `No, he picked you.' When he came home with us he had seizures and couldn't eat. We overcame all those things and had 3 1/2 (way to short a time) wonderful years. I have a Memorial Garden that I built in his memory where I have services for those that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Click here to view

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