Tipper right, Birdie left

She was one of our Yellow Lab pups. We got her and her sister Birdie on July 13, 2003 and they quickly became a much loved addition to our family. They were about 4 1/2 months then and were growing into big beautiful dogs. We called them "our little sweethearts", and "The tag team". Tipper was the biggest and she weighed about 65 lbs. already.

We lost Tipper on October 28, 2003 at about 5:10 PM. She got out of her yard and got onto the highway and was struck by a car and was killed. I realized she was gone right away and found her within a few minutes. Her poor body was still warm so I know she had only been dead a few minutes. She had to have died instantly. We buried her in a clearing near our house where her and her sister liked to play and wrestle.

We miss her so much...my heart just aches every time I think of her, which is most of the time.

To our sweet girl, Tipper

You were here only a short time, but but you made a big imprint on our hearts. It hurts so badly that you are gone now...there's a big hole in our lives where you should be, and everything around us reminds us that you were here. We will go forward, and I know in time the ache in our hearts will lessen, but will will never forget you, Tipper. You were sweet, gentle, loving and beautiful, and you were a wonderful part of our lives.

Thank you, Tipper. Rest in God's care now until we are all together again. We love you always.

Mom, Dad, Birdie, Mattie, Corina, and your little buddy Devin who really misses playing with you!

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