I have just recently lost my best friend of over eight years. Touche' was a bouvier from Belgium. We welcomed her into our home in Sept of 1995, soon after the tragic death of our bouvierx Blue. She was born April 23 1995 and was brought to Canada by Greatheart Bouviers in the Toronto area. She was 4.5 monts old when she came to us and was more loving and caring than any other dog i have know. She used to come to work with me and sleep under my desk in the office. We ran an automotive shop and all the mechanics used to have to step over her in the door ways since that was where she chose to sleep. She was also our greeter of customers. As soon as she heard someone in the showroom talking she would get up, go out front, sit to be petted, and then come back and sleep under my desk. After we closed that business I started working for another company as bookkeeper. Since the owner new Touche' he allowed me to continue taking her to work with me there aswell.

She was my friend, and constant companion. She went everywhere with me, work,visiting,shopping,travelling,camping. You name it she was there. I think that is why I am having such a hard time with this, because she was always there.

She was healthy up to the day she passed. My daughter was with her when she chose to leave this world so she was not alone.

She will be greatly missed by everyone in our family as well as the many neighbours who will miss seeing me and my "bear" going for our walks.

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