What can I say about my Bonker dog. He was my most handsome boy, my big dog. I don't know why I use to call him Mr. Goat Cheese too. He never ate goat cheese, he didn't smell like goat cheese yet he became Mr. Goat Cheese. He didn't mind. He was my heart. We were soul mates. I knew the moment I saw him that he was my dog. It didn't matter that he wasn't up for adoption for another 4 days. I waited, I knew in my heart he was destined to be my dog.

We went through a lot together. My life revolved around him. You could say he was self-centered. He didn't care if I'd just come home from work. He wanted his treat, his walk and he'd bark at me until I responded to his need. Of course he did it in a way that made you love him even more. He was my constant companion. Always happy to see me.

Then Bonkers got cancer. I thought my heart would die if I lost him. So we battled it together. But I made sure nothing was to extreme. I wanted Bonkers to have a great dogs life for as long as possible, no hospitals, no pain. We got that for a year. I learned to love and appreciate things so much more as a result ot the experience.

I had to let Bonkers go on October 13th, 2004. We had one last great year. He was my very best friend. I will miss him forever but I will treasure every moment I shared with him.

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