Boots Blair - 4/89 to 7/04

She came into our lives unexpectedly and gave us so much happiness, companionship, love and memories to last forever. She was our protector, sympathetic ear, companion, and mostly a family member.

She was the runt of the litter and never grew bigger than 24 pounds. But her small stature held great love for our family. She felt all our sadness, laughter and shared in equally with good times and bad.

We feel a great loss in our hearts by her passing but we could not see her suffering anymore and know God has a place for her. We hope to see her again and feel her joy and see her when we all go to heaven.

For 15 great years we have lived with her and want to make sure God knows that this little dog is something special and deserving to be in God's heaven.

Till we all meet again Boots, may you never suffer and God shine his light on your face till we all can be together forever.

Cookie & Larry Blair

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