Cookie is a small, brown and white terrior-collie mix. The vet estimated her to be about a year old when we adopted her from the human society when I was 11 years old. That would have made her 17 years old October 2004- we estimated her birthday to be in October, based on when we got her and her age when we got her.

Really, Cookie picked us out. We must have walked up and down the long concrete halls of the shelter at least several times, believing the cage Cookie was in to be empty, before she decided to come out and meet us. Finally, she krept forward from a dark corner and sat up neatly with her front paws resting delicately on the links of the fence. It was love at first site.

When we got her home from the shelter we gave her a bath and dried her with a towel and a hair dryer, and then we took her to the backyard. There were two gates into the backyard, and when we opened the first gate, she trembled, thinking she was going back into another small cage. Then, when the second gate was opened and we rounded the corner with Cookie, she lept from my dad's arms and ran circles of joy- she had never had so much green space to run in before.

I think that's what happened when Cookie closed her eyes and left this world- she may have been a little scared for a moment, till she saw the massive green fields, then she lept for joy and started running circles with all of my other little animal friends who have left this earth.

But I know she misses all of us- my sister and brother and me, who were her sibblings. My mom, who cooked her chicken and rice faithfully and took her for allergy shots once a week! My dad, who she used to watch the news with at night. She even sat in her own chair next to him.

Cookie, I love you with all of my heart and I've barely stopped crying since you left us. I hope you know how much I loved you. I know we'd gotten busy with our adult lives and sometimes it seemed like you feel by the wayside. I held you for an hour before I left you to go to work the day that you went to heaven. I thought I would hold you again that evening, I didn't think you were leaving that day or I would have never gone to work, I would have been right there with you by your side. You'll always be my little Girly-Girl, and I will never, ever stop missing you. Tell all of our other friends in Heaven that I say hi and that I love them. Cookie I love you so much, I hope you know that, and I'll see you soon. It may seem like a long time, but it's really only a blink of an eye before I see you again. I love you Girl.

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