13 Oct 1989 - 30 Aug 2004

Tribute to Faith

I remember the first day I held you
Rite here in my arms
I named you Faith
'coz I really prayed so hard

I laughed joyously as you arrived in your new home
Watching you sniff every crook and cranny
You were never just a dog
You were family

You were you
In so many things you did
And it's the essence of you
That will always remain

All those fabulous memories
Are forever etched in my mind
My heart aches for you
You were one of a kind

Subconsciously I still search for you
In all your favorite places
But I know you're no longer here
Nothing left but an empty space

You meant the world to me
Still do though you're not here
You were always there for me so lovingly
And I know I'll love you forever

Our forever wasn't nearly long enough
15 years came and gone
But you'll live for all my life so vibrantly
Rite here in the special place of my heart

words cannot express how incredibly special you are and how much i miss you. in lovingly memory of faith, who always had the ability to make me smile through my tears.

you'll always be in my heart.

"when i look to the sky, something tells me you're here with me. and you make everything alright" - train

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