Gina Galazia

Gina Galazia (? - September 4, 2004)

Our Little Lightening Bug

Three years ago on a hot summer night in August our sister and our niece were on a hunt for lightening bugs. Out of the woods came a sweet little face on a tiny little beagle. As our sister stated, "she was the best little lightening bug we'd ever found".

She was very old and had many health problems. It didn't seem she would make it very long. We fell in love with her fast and she became a part of our family. By some small miracle she beat all of the health problems she came to us with. She even seemed to regain some of her youth.

We gave her the best life that we could. She loved cookies and napping on the couch. She liked hanging out in the grass where there were lots of different smells. She had three wonderful years with us.

Her sweet little face and her tiny little beagle bark will always remain in our hearts. We will miss her very deeply, but remember her with lots of love.

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