Oliver & Tess

Oliver (left) February 1990 - 21st December 2003

Oliver was my ever first dog although we had Tess first. He was a great big ăTeddy Bearä of a dog. Olie was a mix of (we think) GSD/Lurcher and he possessed the most beautiful nature. Many a time I have lain on my bed to feel his back against mine and I donât think I have ever felt as safe, all through my illness he stuck by me, non judgmental and full of unconditional love. For thirteen years I was greeted with a woof every morning as he slept on the floor by my side of the bed. I miss that terribly as I do him. The world is a darker place without Olie. I am not a religious man but I pray with all my being that there is a heaven and that one day we will greet each other again. I miss you everyday Oliver you 'soppy old dog' and I cant go to the biscuit tin without thinking of you and that makes me feel sad, but · · it also makes me smile as well. I never thought I would be 'Man' enough to stay with you till the end. I was wrong and I have you to thank for that, my beautiful dog.

I love and miss you so very much Olie. Love Dad xxx

Tess (right). January 1990 - 21st July 2003.

Tess was a beautiful lady. A Collie X Labrador. I remember the day I brought her home as though it was yesterday. I had also purchased a rattan basket. Within a day it had been chewed beyond recognition but she would look at you with those big eyes and knew that she had won. She was a gentle friendly dog who loved people and a good old fuss. She was dearly loved and is sorely missed. She lived until she had passed her thirteenth year and the end came swiftly, she had to rely on us to make the final decision. She was a good girl right to the very end. Bless you Tess. Love Mum xxx Tess and Oliver were members of our family for very nearly fourteen years. They were perfectly suited, Tess was the adopted mother and always treated Olie as if he was one of her pups she was forever washing his head, paws and ears. They never fought, there was never ever any tension between them. Tess would have made a wonderful mother but we decided against having pups as Oliver would have more than likely mistaken them for toys and we didnât want that. It was a lovely sight to see them both at play in the back yard as Oliver was diagnosed with agoraphobia and would not walk outside of the garden. When he ran, he would run sideways much like a racehorse. The vet said as long as he seemed happy it was no problem. Oliver always looked happy he seemed more than satisfied with his patch out back. That was what I loved about Olie his personality. He would look at me tilt his head to one side (as dogs do) and plant a big wet one of my nose, he never missed. How I miss that. Tess was the model dog from day one but there was an air of mischief about her but it was usually Oliver that got the blame. My wife misses her most when walking into the kitchen where the biscuit tin was she would be waiting tail wagging, tongue hanging out.

Thinking of you always. Mum & Dad xxxx

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