Payton Taylor & Dakotah Mercedes

Payton Taylor
My Beautiful Baby Boy
11.23.01 - 06.02.04


Dakotah Mercedes
My Loving Protector
01.18.97 - 08.22.04

You both took a piece of my heart when you left me.

Payton you stole my heart the first time I saw you. I never thought I wanted a puppy I was always an older dog person but somehow you won me over. I will never forget the day I brought you home. I love the way you used to have your "its time to eat dance" or your "bye bye" dance. You loved "bye bye" so did Dakotah. I loved how you would dance with me too when you were excited or just wanted to play. I love how we use to play hide and seek and run outside. Im so sorry that I had to let you go but I couldnt watch you suffer anymore with your kidneys failing. You were just so sick. I dont want you to think that I gave up Payton because if there were anything else I could have done you should know that I would have done it no questions asked regardless of what it would have taken on my part. I loved you baby boy and still do you are my forever and you will always be in my heart.

Dakotah you knew from the start that you were meant to be with me. I was the only one you would let near you. You never barked or showed any aggression toward me. You knew I wanted to help and that I would come to call you mine and love you so dearly. And believe me I do. You were my protector. I will always love the fact that when someone said my name when I was sleeping you would bark and growl to no end. You knew I loved my sleep. I love you girl and I hope you are happy with payton in heaven. I hope you are running and playing together just as you did here on earth. Im so sorry dakotah that I wasnt with you when you passed. You were so devoted to me as I was to you and I wish I could have been there with you. Im so sorry that I didnt know it was your final hour. If i could give anything girl I would have been right by your side. It came as a shock to us how fast you got so sick. Im sorry that you had to go alone in a strange place. what I wouldnt give to have you spend your last hours with me at home resting comfortably.

I love you both so deepy and im sorry I cant be with you physically but my heart is always with you and we will someday meet again but until that day I will hold you both in my heart and mind.

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