It is with deepest sympathy that I inform you of the passing of Pug, my long time faithful companion and dog of the last 10+ years. Pug never understood that he was a dog. He always thought he was a person covered in fur... and, for the most part that is exactly what he was. He was my best friend, confidant, traveling buddy- and more recently guardian of his 2 year old person sister, Savannah.

He is survived by his half sister, Morgan the cat; his other little sister Savannah; his Uncle Johnny, Grandma and Grandpa, and by his human mama, me. He lived a long life, traveled much- he saw all of Tennessee, parts of New Mexico and Colorado, and occasionally parts unknown in between. He endured nicknames such as Brown Hornet, Flarp, and more recently Puglet (from Savannah). He was part beaver (he could eat door and window frames in under 9 hours), part couch potato, part cat, and the rest 4 to 6 types of dog. He was loyal and loving, and rarely complained that we were moving- again. He surprised everyone, including me, by fully accepting Savannah into his pack. I will miss seeing him laying in the doorway to her room, guarding her through the night.

He will be missed by all those who knew him- and especially by me. My heart will never stop aching.

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