Storm Girl


I remember the first moment I laid eyes on you, you were a little grey and white bundle of fluff that came bounding through the yard, plunked yourself down on my shoes, grabbed my shoe laces and looked up at me as if to say "Are you taking me home?" We weren't looking for a puppy, with national exams 6 months away, and a wedding in 9 months, I thought the timing wasn't right. How quickly you put that thought right out the window!

And so, what had started as a lifelong love affair with Northern Breeds became the adventure of a lifetime. You were my first Northern dog. My first Alaskan Malamute, you outlived all the others. My first purebred dog. You opened up a new world to me.

A cute puppy you quickly grew to be the prettiest girl around, and no, I am not in the least biased when I say that. Your beauty had you hired as a canine actress, as within moments of laying eyes on you, you had your first job with Cinemazoo.

Your cleverness taught us to keep you busy, or you had a tendency to find a way out to go exploring. Your cleverness was also evident the first time I put you in harness. Within 100 ft you had figured out how to run with the team without actually working at it. From then you viewed the sled as your chariot, and you would much rather ride in the sled bag, being pulled along the trails by your inferior minions. Your cleverness earned you a Companion Dog title in Obedience, with nothing less than the highest score in the class. Your cleverness took you through two levels of canine acting and kept you delighting the masses with your tricks, earning you a feature in the local newspaper.

Your sweet nature won the hearts of everyone who met you. Even as an elderly dog you lit up whenever there were children around and through the years many a child climbed over you, while you gently tolerated being stepped on and all the accidental hair pulling. Your gentleness comforted hands that were crippled with painful arthritis, as you sat for hours while they ran through your coat. You were a favorite therapy dog at the Woman's Correctional Institute in Burnaby, in the Animal Husbandry program. The Canine Good Citizen test was a piece of cake.

Your devotion to those you loved put you in danger when you rushed to defend us on more than one occasion.

You beautiful voice would herald the trains, as you taught an entire previously silent neighbourhood, to sing.

You had a passion for chocolate. After all, what sensible woman doesn't? Countless scares over the years, especially at Christmas, as somehow you managed to figure out when there was chocolate around, even when it was well hidden. Like the 10 ounce Santa you pinched from the children when they visited for the holidays, and then promptly returned it, regurgitated, all over their bed!

You loved to ride in the car. No crate for you, but instead would sit seat belted into my little convertible sports car, decked out in blue John Lennon sunglasses and bandana, blond hair flowing in the breeze. Boy, did you get some looks!!!

Stormers, I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. You were a constant source of delight and sometimes frustration as there was certainly never a dull moment with you around. You taught me much about life, and saw me through many many experiences, through all the good and all the bad. You taught me to appreciate things I never even fathomed. You have been a constant for almost 13 years, and tonight the house is strangely silent. You were a little girl with a big presence.

Thank you for being such a huge part of my life.

I miss you, Blondie. Rest in Peace my old friend.

Silver Stormkloud CD,CGC,CACII
November 19, 1991 - August 23, 2004

Fondly remembered and sadly missed by your humans Gwen and Brad, and your Siberian Pack, Storm-Boy, Jovo, Mandy, Impi and KitKat

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