String Bean

ictured above is one of our little angels, String Bean. I adopted her father (Buba) from a animal shelter when he was just a pup. Her mother (Sandy) found her way up to my husband & I at an outside party one night. We tried to find out who she belong to but with no luck. We were told she was put out along the side of the road, so we brought her home with us. Later they had 4 pups and with what we already had, put us at having 11 dogs. We decided to try and find good homes for all but one, which ever one didn't get taken. And that was String Bean. I had to revive her when she was born because the sack didn't break. I blew air into her tiny lungs and for 16 years she was wide open. She gave more love and devotion than we ever thought possible. She loved & enjoyed every second of life. She went every where with us. She ate what we ate, she slept with us she was what made us a family. After 5 years we thought maybe she might want a fury playmate so we went and got her a sister, which we named Sissy. They didn't get along at first and we thought we had made a mistake but they finally realized mom & dad had enough love for both of them.

Even though Sissy was the BIG dog, she followed String around like she was a baby chick. She was the baby, but she was a lot larger than String. On the morning of July 15, 2001 we were getting ready to go out on the pontoon, she was excited as usual and as she was jumping around and barking she fell off the porch. I went to her to see if she was ok and to calm her down and that's when I noticed she was walking sideways. I gave her a baby aspirin because I thought her arthritis was acting up. After we got out to the lake we stopped to let her and Sissy get off on land to play and do ther business, I seen her walking sideways then she fell. I ran to her screaming. Her eyes were going in every direction. We left right then and rushed her to the animal hospital, the Doctor said it could be one or two things, A ear infection caused by old age or a brain tumor. We started praying that the medicine he gave her would work by the time he said it should. If it did, it meant an ear infection.She got better within a week which is what we were hoping.

Everything seemed to be ok for a while then on December 15, 2001 her eyes got so big they looked as if they were going to burst. They was something draining out of them that would cause her face to get raw. We put her on medication for that and soon her stomach enlarged as if it was going to burst, this was March 15,2002. The doctor did blood work, xrays and checked to see if she was diabetic. The xrays showed a large mass around her kidney. The doc said if it was cancer she probally wouldn't survive the treatment.

We didn't know what to do. Try to fight it anyway, get a second opinion or pray this nightmare would go away? September 20,2002 we celebrated her 16th birthday. I bought her a little puppy-dog cake and she didn't want to share with anyone. By October 16, 2002 her stomach had gotten so big the Doctor suggested taking the fluids off and testing them to see if they could see any cancer cells or tell where it was coming from. By this time she had the Doctor dumb-founded! He said that she should be gone by now. He didn't understand it, nor did we but we were thankful she was fighting.

Our little trooper was still eating, Chicken-n-pastry, cube steak, spaghetti o's with meat balls and Twinkies, they were all her favorites! She was still giving love and accepting love and she was still going for rides on the boat. She was weak and she didn't play with sis anymore and we hadn't heard her bark in about a year. She had gone down hill though. She was walking into walls and I'm pretty sure she had little or no eye sight.

On November 27th, 2002 I was up cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. I checked on her right before bed at 4:00 in the morning. She was ok. I awoke at 8:00 and she had gone outside (fenced in dog run) and could not find her way back in. I don't know how long she was out there but it got down in the 20's that night and she was freezing. I brought her in and put a (dryer heated) cover on her and she slept all day. She got up a while that night and paced around in circles, she wouldn't eat but she did drink some water. That was the last time she walked. The next day I started feeding her out of a medicine dropper. Pedialite, baby food and beef or chicken broth. We would take her outside to relieve herself and we kept her in a playpen inside so she couldn't hurt herself. We took her to her doctor on December 2nd, 2002 to have her checked and to make sure she wasn't dehydrated, she was a little, so he give her some fluids by injection. Some thought we were being cruel by not having her put to sleep but I knew she would let us know when she was ready to give up. She was not ready yet. She knew we loved her enough to let her go if she was.

We never treated her as if she were a dog she was treated like a human. I held our baby in my arms and fed her with a medicine dropper while she stared up at me with those beautiful eyes, a memory I will never forget. On December 12th,2002 I laid her down around 10:15pm. She would not lay still, so I kept checking on her. At 10:30 she was not breathing, I grabbed her up and went running to my husband, I thought she was gone but she gasp for breath and her chest went rapid and then she calmed down. I stayed up with her all night telling her I loved her and it as alright to let go. I told her that her human brother would take special care of her when she got to heaven. But she kept fighting she didn't want to hurt us by dying. At 8:00am December 13th, 2002 I called the Doctor and told him we were on our way. She had been having these seizures all night. As we set in the room at the doctor's office she laid silent in my arms, eyes moving side to side. I knew we had run out of time. We had to help her the only way we now knew how. She was in so much pain. The doctor shaved her frail little leg and by the time he finished administering the shot, she was at peace in my arms.

No sound, no movement, no more pain. At 8:45am Friday December 13th, 2002. She was gone from our life but never our hearts. Sissy is still with us but we thought because of griefing for String we were going to lose her too. We now have a new addition to our family, that we also love dearly. We named her after String Bean. String loved twinkie's and she was born in our house on Willow Vista Rd. We name our little girl Twinkie LaVista. She has helped all three of us get through losing our little Stringy - (Tippy Toes)

We love you baby girl - sweet dreams - forever in our hearts, Mommy, Daddy & Sissy Girl

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