In Loving, Loving Memory Of Boo: 1996-2003 (Almost 8 Years)

A Blue Merle Sheltie In Perfection...Mommy Misses You So Much Little Munch!

Boo's registered name was Dabre's Double Destiny. We always called him Boo, however, because that was his call name when we got him. Because he was white like a ghost, the breeder's son announced. The day we went to pick Boo up, he was showing off (as usual!) by doing that trademark Sheltie whiny growl, and hopping around his parents. He was a gawky puppy who was huge for a sheltie and too white to be a show dog, so he was sold as a companion dog. We are so glad he was! Boo had character! All dogs do, and we all have our stories and special memories! Mine are of Boo drinking bath water when I was taking one; running in the community forest where he loved to be best of all; eating bananas and vegetables, which he loved because of his bad eyes and not-so-great teeth. He hated the flashers in cameras and almost always jumped at them. Most pictures of Boo are not known to the onlooker that directly after the shot he was jumping up on the picture-taker! Boo loved the snow, and he loved sleeping on the carpet. He liked his veggie shakes and his ball, and his steak bones. He had beautiful blue eyes, although he had CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) and was almost blind in one. You'd never know it though, the way his masters clumsily tripped over branches and Boo hurdled them exquistely and without a fault. He was so docile and calm to be led into a hated Halloween costume or coaxed into a t-shirt. He was my hapiest happiness. Nothing can compare to the love I have for him. Boo passed away in August 2003 when I noticed he wasn't eating and sleeping too much. We thought it was gallbladder cancer which is very treatable but it was liver cancer. I urge everyone to get their dogs checked for this.

Boo, my darling boy Mommy misses you more than words could ever say. You and your friends of the people who have all lost a dog play together until we come to get you were loyal and sweet and so much fun. There is a hole in my heart that will not be filled until I can see you again. Your new brother Oliver hears all about you, and I tell him about you all the time. You were my life, my soul, my reason for being who I am. I would trade everything I have for one more day with you. Be a good boy and don't be too much of a smart ass while you're up there entertaining.

See You At The Rainbow Bridge Munch,

Love Kristin, and Grandma Kathy, Auntie Jennifer, Grandpa Linds, and all my friends who miss coming in and saying "Boooooooooo!"

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