Born 6/12/03 Killed 11/3/04

Some say that pit bulls are so mean and aggressive, but my baby, no way! she would play with my 2year old niece and 1year old nephew. Nala was a very beautiful brendal and white pit she weighed more than 60 pounds, only 1 year old when she was taken from me. i don't know why anyone would do this to a dog, it makes me sick. i always told myself that no matter what, i could never put my baby down, but she was in pain and i couldn't see her suffer. i loved her and she loved me back.

just three days before i taught her how to climb a tree and get her stick. Nala was perfect, not to fat or skinny, and she always did exactly what i told her. i got her the day my sister had her son, she was only 3 weeks old.

I miss you more than anything in the world, you meant everything to me. You will always be with me. I love you Nala Baby!

Missed very much by owner Hillary Aaren Broers

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