Pepper Lynn

? 1990 ? - September 16, 2004

What can be said about this wonderful dog?

Known by many as the mascot of Busy Hands Country Shoppe, she was my companion for over 13 years. Pepper died peacefully in her sleep from congestive heart failure. I hope she's chasing bunnies in a grassy meadow, joined by Roscoe, her sweetheart from many years ago.

She was a 'cool'dog, who comforted me through sad times. She recently attended my wedding and looked beautiful in her little dress. She got to visit with her brother Scott, and stay with her Daddy while we went on our honeymoon. She was happy to see me when I came home. She watched TV with me and kept me company in the store the night before her passing, and had dog chewies and ham for breakfast. Her Daddy in Morocco misses her too.

I hope she knew how much we all loved her. Pep, wherever you are, please know how much you will be missed. Taco misses you too. Thank you for adopting me as your Mom.

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