It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that God called Pita home today, to work with Joe, and along side Rugby, Rev, Sunny and all the other outstanding therapy dogs in heaven.

Her death was unexpected yet we are relieved to know she is not in pain and that she will continue to make a difference for those she now serves. Her body has been failing her for many years, yet her brain and giving heart would not give up. In many ways we are relieved we will not have to make the decision for her.

Pita was the last of the original therapy dogs that started this program way back at Tyler Rehab. She was a very special animal, who knew when to encourage the patients with some well timed barks and when to just wait and let them move that arm on their own. She was the first dog to be named Therapy Dog of the Year. I have so many memories of the patients we touched and the places we visited. I will never forget Shari having a "come to Jesus" prayer meeting with Pita as she practically quivered herself to death over the squirrels outside the White House in Washington DC. With tears streaming down my face and the thought "my dog was going to be the reason we didn't get to tour the White House". Thank God she listened to Shari! I will also never forget Pita dressed at "Dino" and "the Christmas present Box"!! Neither of which were her favorite outfits!

I know she will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, and I know she is romping with Opus, her buddy for 12 years before he passed.

I know all these things, but it still hurts.

Troy and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Everyone always asks what they can do at a time like this...

Please pray for us and if you have a favorite story or memory (s) of Pita please write them down for us. If you have any pictures you would like to share we would love to see them.

We plan to honor her with a plaque in the Therapet cemetery. We will bury her remains along side Opus at our property in Wisconsin.

Pita, you spent 15 wonderful years with us. Thank you and God for everything. You touched us all

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