9 december 1998 - 31 October 2004

Polly had the best nature of any dog i will ever know! We all mis everything about her. Esspecially the way that she would meet us at the gate and then race around to the back dorr for us to let her in. Once she was in she would shake with excitment and then show her goregous little smile that only Polly can do.

The first day I saw Polly was on the 7th December (the day after birth). She was no bigger then the palm of my hand and I was only in grade 2. I was so excited about seeing her that I couldn't stay still.

Just 7 weeks later Polly was in my lap and she was on her way to her new home. When we arrived home I put Polly down and she greeted every one including our other dog. It was the BEST day of my life.

This year (2004) Polly was raced to the emergency animal hospital with delayed breathing. She stayed there for a few days whilst constant treatment and tests wer conducted. Many hours later she was found to have sniffed a blade of grass and it had blocked off her air passages.

A few months later Polly's behaviour changed and she became very quiet. I noticed this and cared for her until my mum arrived home, where we rushed off to the animal hospital again. Polly was discovered to have Pancreatitus and many hours of tears later she came home and yet again made a speedy recovery.

On the 30th October Polly was savaged by a husky and her inguries were thought not to be fatal. That night she went down hill and in the morning was taken to the vets where she stayed all day and in the evening was put to sleep.

Polly had the biggest heart any one or any thing could ever have. We miss her deeply and she will be loved forever! I love her more then anything else and I will always remember her. She was like a hero because her heart and her soul pulled her through so many rough times. I will ALWAYS love her!

In memory of our loved and loveing gorgeous girl, Polly! We love you forever. I will never foeget you!

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