Q Carlton

Q, our beagle, joined our family in 1992-the year my boyfriend and I got married. We decided early on in our relationship that we would not have any children so any parental instincts that we had we lavished-mistakes and all--on Q. Q ran our household---EVERYTHING WAS ABOUT HIM. He slept with us during the first 10 years of our marriage-- at first to keep him quiet but then because everyone knows that a beagle is the world's best cuddler! We remember him for all his stubborn ways like waiting to see if he would get any part of our dinner before he resolved to just eat his own dinner, and for how clever he was--he could escape any kennel or other make-shift prison meant to prevent him from chillin' on the furniture! Most of all we remember him as simply, our boy, our heart.

Q died at the age of 12 and half on Saturday, September 18, 2004, with both Mom and Dad talking to him and thanking him for taking care of us. For seeing us through all of life's major decisions such as buying a house, coping with family illness, the rise and fall of our favorite sport's and Amazing Race teams and for creating "Lazy Sunday".

We love you wog and miss you everyday! We know we will see you again, but until then save a place for us...

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