February 18, 1990 - January 19, 2004

Regis was not only a Star but the patriarch of my world. He was known by so many, and he made a huge pressence where ever he went.

Regis was given a second chance at life in 1997. I rescued him from a local animal shelter when he was 7 years old--his name then being Walter. I gave him a new home, a second chance and a new name, Regis--after talk show host Regis Philbin--for this little schnauzer's witty, energetic and domineering personality.

In the 6 1/2 years I had him, Regis taught me so much, but was also the best friend and companion anyone could have ever wanted. We went everywhere together and where ever we went, everyone knew Regis and was affected by him in someway or another. He was loved by so many, and yes, even hated by many too.

In January of 2004, Regis was diagnosed with severe renial kidney failure, and after trying everything, no battle was to be won. Regis had to be put to sleep and so now our master patriarch forever sleeps. Regis is so missed and thought of on a daily basis by not only me, but many who ask where he's at or by those who just make comments that it's strange not seeing him.

I hope wherever your at Regis that you are at peace, happy and making your presence felt there as much as you did here. You are SO MISSED by your family and friends. Long may you run, and I'll see you again someday--at the Rainbow Bridge. We all miss you "Big Daddy".

For Regis,

Thou art a dewdrop
which the mourn brings forth
Ill fated to sustain unkindly shocks
or to be trailed along the soiling earth.
A GEM that glitters while it lives
and no forewarning gives,
but at the touch of wrong without a strife
slips in a moment out of life.

William Wordsworth

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