Abbigayle Lynn Sanders





My Abby was born on Jan 22,2002 i got her a week later, her fur mommy was sick and could not feed her so her hu mommy (me) had to feed and clean her.I saw Abby come into this world and take her first breathe of air she was the cutiest thing i`ve ever seen.

I was so scared she wouldnt make it but i prayed and begged her not to leave me,she made my like so different,Ive always had dogs but Abby made it different somehow

I watched her eyes open the first time and her ears open,I watched her take her first steps to me and i was so proud of her it was like watching one of my children walk for the first time.I remember the first time she barked at me it was because i wouldnt put her in the bath with me,the only way she would take a bath was if i got in with her then she was happy.

when Abby was 6 weeks old i took her to the pet store to get her some puppy food (because she would only eat veinna sausage)they weighed her and she only weighed 1 1/2 pounds she was so little.But she had alot of love in her little heart.When she turned 5 months old my daughter had our first grandchild, Abby was not to happy with that she was sucking a pasaphire at that same time and she would take the babies (we bought so many for the both of them).When she was old enough i had Abby spayed she had a blanket that she slept with and she stopped sucking her pasaphire and started sucking that blanky.Every night before we went to sleep she would kiss me and id tell her i loved her and she start suckin it was so cute she would suck and make puddin with her paws.

I had Abby for almost 2 yrs and that is kind of a short time but in that 2 yrs she did something to my life that only she understand she was and still is the most precious unconditional love i have ever felt in my life and i will never forget her or it

Im not much for praying and i dont go to church but I know God has my baby now and i know shes as good for him as she was for me.If God ever ask me who i wanted for my guardian angel i would ask him for My Abby but i already know thats what she is.She is watching over me.

So to my Abby i would like to say Thank You for the joy and love you gave to me every minute of every day and I love you always I will never ever forget you




To my Abby now that it`s been a year

I promised you i would tell you I LOVE AND MISS you every night and i do i still feel like i lost my world when i lost you.My heart still crys for you every night Mommy misses you and Loves you so very much. I will never forget you and what you bought into my life and i thank you for it




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