Charlie & Dozer


6/27/94 - 3/12/00

Our Charlie was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He was a very special boy with a funny sense of humor. Charlie was a bit neurotic, but in a way that always tickled us. He was the laughter in our lives. His best buddy, 'Dozer another RR loved him as we did and mourned him for months after he died. He was viciously attacked by two stray pit bulls in January of 2000. He died 6 weeks later of acute kidney failure, a direct result of the injuries he received on that fateful January day.

I think it would be fitting for these best of friends to share a "twin star" together in the heavens. God bless you Charlie and 'Dozer. May you play RR games and run with abandon through the meadows at the Rainbow Bridge.


Our Dear Dozer 10/23/95-10/30/04

Dozer lost his battle with osteosarcoma on 10/30/04 just 7 days after turning 9 years of age. ŒDozer was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a dear, sweet "gentleman" as my Mom always described him. He liked law and order so our nickname for him was "The Sheriff". He was noble and good, never naughty at all even as a pup.

My husband named him ıDozer because he had a sturdy, solid little body that would propel forward with such momentum, that he could not stop it and would sometimes end up on his chin. He had big, beautiful ears. As he grew, and grew, and grew, his legs became stronger and stronger. He ran like a big jackrabbit with powerful hind legs.

Dozer was diagnosed on 8/6 with OS on the front of his left foreleg just above the carpus. We decided not to amputate or do chemo or radiation as ŒDozer had already fought a long battle with cancer from the time he was 3 years old. He did not like vet procedures or stays at the vetıs. He would shake in the waiting room until we were escorted to the room where he saw our vet.

The 9 yrs went all too fast. I miss my dear old boy terribly. My arms are empty. I reach over to stroke his handsome head at night and heıs not there. Dozer is gone physically, but I feel him around me and at my Momıs home. He loved my Mother very much. As Jerri said, he will still 'be around' to make sure things are done properly and that we are all kept safe.

We had some wonderful adventures over the years with daily walks at the Shores, on the beach in Half Moon Bay, and trips up to the Glacier View Ranch where he ran and played with Joey and Charlie before him.

Dozer was greatly loved by his family, and by friends - Jerri, Tessa and Rowdy, by KT and Reina, Sirene and Savannah, many others and lots of people on the rr-folks list and the readership at the RRQ.

A salute from all of us to you, Sheriff, may you run free without pain, dear boy. You were such a good dog. And we loved you so much. You will never be forgotten, my Good Boy.

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