Saint Andrews McDuff (Duffy) Pardue


I remember the day we brought Duffy home from the pet store in North Carolina. He was nine months old and didn't know what fresh air smelled like. He didn't know what it was like to touch his feet on the grass. We already had two others dogs (Angus- a rat terrier) and (Pookie-a terrier mix). Duffy was the sweetest little boy from the start. The two boys (Angus and Duffy) knew that our little girl (Pookie) ruled the household. They didn't mind, though. We lost Angus in 2001. I didn't think we would survive losing our first little boy.

He was 15 and had prostate cancer. He lived almost three months when we found out about the cancer. We were so lost but had two other babies to love. That made it easier. A year later we lost our little girl (Pookie). She had kidney failure. We were so lost but knew we had Duffy to love and look after. About two weeks after Pookie died, we found out that Duffy had diabetes. He lost his sight about two weeks later. That was a sad thing because Duffy loved to watch TV. My husband Andy always told people that Duffy loved to watch "The Cattle Auction".

Duffy lived over two years with the diabetes. Thanksgiving morning I got up and Duffy was having a seizure. I was so upset because it was hard to get in touch with someone on a holiday. He had another seizure before we could get him to a hospital. He had to stay overnight. That was the first night he was ever away from home.

The next morning the vet said he was much worse and pretty much brain dead at that point. We had to put him to sleep on friday morning. I want to say that I believe he knew I was there when they put him to sleep because he picked his head up when I said "Duffy, mama is here. It is time to go be with your brother and sister now. The vet gave him the shot and he put his head in my hand.

I just want to say how much my babies blessed my life. I know I will be with them again some day. Andy and I have a two year old pot bellied pig named "Pedro" and he is such a good little boy.

Duffy- We love you and miss you so much.

Suellen and Andy Pardue
Arundel, Maine

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