Nov. 20, 2004.

Grimmy Bondy

Grimmy was a Friendly little puppy. I'll never forget the first day I met him with his family. He was the first puppy to come up to me. He was a very smart friend. He was truly a part of our family. He was with us for 15 wonderful years. He was an outside dog but very well cared for and loved. He watched over our family. He loved to be with other animals he was gentle to chickens and baby ducks. He also loved to watch over the horses.

Grimmy loved to talk to me. He would listen for the sound of my car when I would pull in the driveway. He would make sounds like he was calling me. Not barking but very gentle and soft cries of love.

I never thought my true friend would ever leave this world. He was a very brave boy. He loved to play ball and run as he bounced like a little puppy even when he was an older fellow. His face grew gray and tired. His hips could no longer bounce like a strong little puppy he wished to be. I sat with him and cried many tears. I told him it was okay to leave he was brave and strong and he kept my family safe he had done his job well. He had been a loyal boy. It was okay to close his tired eyes. God will have a safe place for him to run free.

The Vet came the following day to help Grimmy. My Father told me not to come over. Our Parents hadn't slept for 3 days. They were heart broken to see you sick. They hated to call the vet but the new it was time to help you Grimmy. That morning you tried to walk tall. But your hips would no longer hold up your beautiful golden body. Your heart was also very weak the Vet said. It was truly a said day in our family to let you go.

Little did we know the following day my Father would also be with you Grimmy in Heaven. My Father Passed away with a massive heart attack and My Mother also had a heart attack, several days later she was rushed to have open heart surgery. I knew in my Heart Grimmy you and Dad would watch over Mom as you always have. Mom pulled through surgery great. She said she felt hands pushing her back to stay with us when she was sick. I know it was Dad and you Grimmy pushing Mom.

I hope you got your new ball Grimmy, I left it with Dad. He will be looking to play with you Grimmy. Make sure to keep Dad safe in Heaven. One day we will run and roll in the grass under the trees in the warm sunlight again. I will always watch for your bright star in the night sky.

Love always and forever. ( Lou) Give Dad a Big Wet kiss for me. Don't let him fool you he really loves puppies.

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