My Precious Hanna!

November 11, 2004

How do I begin to tell you about the joy that Hanna has brought to me, my family and our friends! She was a mutt, some crazy Shar-Pei mix without wrinkles, born in the summer of ’96. My friend and I inherited her in a Kroger parking lot on Summer Avenue in Memphis Tennessee. Hanna, only 6 weeks old, was the littlest girl pup in a litter of 8. She was the last dog left and on her way to the pound. We just couldn’t let her go to the gas chamber! We took her back to Houston Texas with us in the hopes that one of our friends would take her in. However, by the time the 9 hour car ride back to Texas was over, I knew she was the newest addition to our family. Man was she was a biter! She immediately latched onto Jake, our lab who was 2 years old at the time. For the next 10 years Jake and Hanna were inseparable. Best friends, running buddies, brother/sister, constant agitators. Love was in the air!

Hanna was a cuddler. She would lie for hours motionless next to me for fear that she would be ousted from the bed or couch. Her eyes were so human; I just knew she understood our conversations when we talked. The way she sat on her haunches like a human in a chair was adorable. The way she chased squirrels and balls at the park like her life depended on it was without equal! She was a ferocious guard dog until you actually got behind enemy lines and found that she nipped at your heels the whole way. What a phony. When she got in the water, she sank like a rock. We took her to the ocean and she almost drowned trying to keep up with Jake. When we scolded her for doing something bad, she would immediately go limp and fall to the ground like she was practicing her “drop and roll” technique. This dog was something else.

She left us on Friday, November 5, 2004 but her spirit is with me always. God bless you Hanna, you are finally a Star!

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