A gentle giant, loved more than words can say and he will live in our hearts forever


A Legend and Icon of the Shiloh Shepherd.

One of the ORIGINAL Shiloh Shepherds born in December, 1992 he set the standard for gentle spirit and huge size. Loving, kind, yet protective he was a true Flock Guardian. Never was there a moment when he didn't keep a watchful eye on all members of his family. Even when he was in the show ring he still kept watch while maintaining his regal status and winning a championship.

London was a gentle giant and was the breed standard for the smooth coats. He left a great impression on so many people that came in contact with him. I will never forget at one of the "homecomings" when Fred Lanting put him up on a podium and went over him from head to toe and told us what a great Shiloh we had. Our vet, an orthopedic specialist, was very impressed with his bone structure, the size and density that was indeed rare. But, not only was his physical appearance so special, so was his personality. He was indeed a "Flock Guardian". He never let us out of his sight and always wanted to make sure "his family" was together.

London was responsible for helping many people decide to have a Shiloh Shepherd in their lives. Everyone that met London was so impressed with him they wanted a dog Just Like London. We were the fortunate ones God blessed and He let London come into our lives. He will live in our hearts forever and we are grateful to have been so blessed. Many lives were enriched because of London. People would see him and say "I want a dog just like London".

Just last week a couple thanked us. They told us it was because of London that their lives are so enriched now with a Shiloh of their own. Also, Marolyn has told me many times how proud she is that Ranger carries London's blood. I am grateful Wendy has Bita (London's daughter) and has been able to carry on his bloodline.

London sired one beautiful litter with Gypsy and his offspring will carry on his characteristics and enrich other lives, just as London enriched ours.

Now London is forever a youthful energetic pup enjoying himself with Bo, Lukie, Trinka, Shep, and many other wonderful Shilohs that have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" until his family reunites with him.

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