My precious little man "Nicknack" (A pomeranian) was eased into everlasting sleep with the assistance of our vet at 10:30 am on December 2, 2004. He had lived a long productive 16 years by my side.

I have been saying for 7-8 years now that he only had a few years left. Plagued with many ailments, none life threatening, although each day was a hidden blessing.

At 6 months he had surgery on his leg for luxation of the patella (knee cap that moved around). He looked so funny with half his rump shaved but knowing the pain he had been having was relieved, it was worth it.

Several years Later, My best friend fed him a piece of steak and he choked, collapsed to the ground and I swiftly picked him up beating his back to dislodge the meat. He acted a little dazed, but was back to his normal self in a matter of minutes.

Once again a few years later he was diagnosed as having a collapsing trachea. He had a nagging cough and would sometimes cough to the point of having small seizures. this improved over the years with the help of some antihistamines.. but he always had that nagging cough. I miss that cough more than I could have ever imagined.

Nick assisted me through college, Has lived all over Texas and Kentucky, and loved to ride in the car. He would rest his back paws on my leg and watch out the window as I would drive. Oh how he loved to ride.. he never barked at other cars when stopped at lights. He would just wag his tail.. excited to see all the movement around him.

He was very smart. If his water bowl was empty, or the food bowl needed more food, he would paw the bowl all over the kitchen floor until he got my attention. I would promptly replenish his supplies and he would be dancing all around the kitchen floor and barking.. Excited that I understood his needs.

Whenever I needed to scold him, he would get real tears in the corners of his dark brown eyes.. It was like he was saying how sorry he was for whatever he did wrong.

As he grew older, he began losing some teeth, having to have some pulled occasionally. We began softening his food for him, adding chicken broth for flavor. He loved this. He also had several bouts of blocked glands which needed medical attention.

Eventually his age caught up with him and arthritis kicked in. He would lie very still and whine.. as if saying "mommy can you make it better?" He started taking medication for his aches and was back to dancing around the kitchen in a very short time.

This year, his 16th year has been though for him and I both. His arthritis has worsened. This past week he could hardly walk. I came home from work on December 2nd to find him lying in his usual spot, waiting for me to come home. he would usually get up and slowly make his way to me. asking for his bowl of softened dog food. But not this day. He was hurting so badly he could not even lift his head. When I picked him up he yelped with pain and tears formed in the corners of his eyes.. and mine.. I knew it was time.

We took him to the vet he agreed it was time.

He eased off into sleep in my hands.. quietly.. painless..

I like to think he is now dancing around the kitchen in Heaven without pain.. With all his teeth, kicking his food bowl around for me so I can fill it up when I get there to meet him some day.


April 22, 1988 - December 2, 2004

I love you Nick, You are in my heart always! I will never forget you. ______________________________________

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