Thank you for helping me up on the bed. Thank you for letting me sleep on my favourite pillow. Thank you for letting me come for rides in the car. Thank you for letting me outside so I could chase after squirrels. Thank you for taking me to grandma/grandpa's for babysitting when you had to go away. Thank you for hugging me and calling me your 'special little guy'. Thank you for tugging on my rope when I wanted to play. Thank you for the crusts of toast and other little treats. Thank you for caring for me so tenderly when I wasn't feeling very well.

Thank you for loving me. REX

Rex was a sweet and loving Jack Russell Terrier who died very suddenly and unexpectedly at not even 8 years old. Rex is survived by his brother Kramer, a loving family and many admirers.

Rex - we love you and miss you very much.

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