Today our family lost their best friend. Riggs was a Yorkie who took care of everyone. He always knew when someone was hurting for whatever reason. All he had to do was look at you with those big brown eyes and you knew that he loved you and that he was there for you. He was a constant source of joy, fun, entertainment, and comfort.

He was 12 years old and just couldn't do it anymore. So we had to make that hard decision of having to let him go. He had lived with a few different families and always adopted them easily. Just like it was easy to adopt him. I figure he had so much love to give that he had to be with several families.

Anyone who knew Riggs will never forget him. We buried him in the backyard behind our house where he loved to roam around in the cool shade on a hot day.

We will never forget you Riggs. Nobody will!

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