Our Troubles came to us by accident. She had been abandoned up in the mountains while giving birth to puppies and managed to make her way several miles to our neighbors. They came out the morning after a big storm to find her huddled on their patio, trying to protect the puppies she had during the night. What a good momma! She saved all but one. Our friends couldn't keep her, so she came to us.

Troubles brought a love into our lives we have never known. She was the best friend, best everything anyone could ever wish. She had the purest soul we have ever encountered. Her beautiful dark eyes glowed with intelligence and love. The only desires she had in life were to be with her Mom and Dad and to have enough to eat. She didn't like to play with toys; she liked hugs and cuddles from Mom and Dad and treats. We live in the mountains along a river, and she loved her long walks along the river with us. No matter how cold the water was, she always wanted to wade and drink in "her" river. For a companion who could not speak, she sure could communicate her love and needs to us!

We were lucky enough to have her with us for the rest of her fifteen years. She was hale and healthy except for "arthritis", and we thought we would have her with us for much longer. Every day was a blessing we cherished in every part of our hearts. But it turned out that the "arthritis" was myasthenia gravis. She became ill in October, and never recovered. We lost our baby on December 5th. All Saturday night, she tried so hard to eat and take her medicine, but she just kept getting weaker and weaker. At 3:00 on Sunday morning, she left us. Although we know that she is not suffering anymore and can run and play and eat what she likes, our hearts are breaking. We miss her so much, we don't see how we will ever stop crying.

God blessed us with this wonderful spirit. How life can go on without her, we can't imagine, but we are so grateful for the gift of the time we had with her.

We love you Troubles. We know you'll be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Your Mommy and Daddy

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