Zipper was a wonderful little girl. She was 4-years-old and weighed 9 lbs. She loved to play ball and if we didn't pay attention when she came up to us with her ball she made sure we knew she was there, lol.

She liked to sleep in bed with us and liked to lay on the backs of our necks. She loved car rides and would ride on our necks in the car, too. She was nervous of strangers at first, but would soon warm up to them. She loved her toys and didn't like it when our son Travis' dog Chester would come over and play with them.

She was very sweet and affectionate and did a lot of funny, cute things. She loved to run outside, but she didn't like going out in the snow. Her legs were too short to be able to walk around in the deep Michigan snow.

Unfortunately, something went bad with her spine and she lost the use of her back legs. She wouldn't eat or drink anymore and had to put down. It was so crushing to us and we miss her so much! :(

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