On 24 February 2005, I came home to find you had left your body and gone somewhere peaceful. I wasn't ready for you to leave, nor do I think I ever would be. But now that it has happened, I am trying to find the strength to carry on without you by my side. I miss so many things about you. I miss you being so excited to come in the house after I came home from work, I miss you whining until dad gave you a treat, I miss you snuggling with me every bight before bedtime, I miss your kisses, mostly I just miss you.

I think about when I got you in Florida, how you were so pitiful looking. You looked at me with those sweet eyes, and I immediately fell in love. I knew that for years to come, you would be my baby. I always made sure you had what you needed and what you wanted. I hope that you thought I did a good job. Sam misses you too. As I'm sure you know, he now mopes around the yard looking for you. I hope that he will be ok.

Belvie, I love and miss you with all my heart. I hope that you come back to me in someway, whether that be through another pet or something else. You are so loved. I know you are in a safe and wonderful place. One day I will see you again.

Love your mom,


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