My Beloved Dryfus 10/10/1991-3/7/2004

Dryfus was a golden retriever/ red chow mix. I got him 10/2002 when he was 11 years old from a rescue group who got him out of a Spokane, WA kill shelter 1 day before he would have been euthanized. The people who had him since he was a pup had to give him up as they lost their house and employment after 9/11. He found a temporary home with a wonderful woman in Gold Bar, WA who adopts older dogs.... the rescue group contacted her .......to please take one more dog. She had 8 dogs. He got 3 rides from rescue group members from Spokane to Seattle. Dryfus didn't act like an old dog..he didn't look or act more than 7 years old at most.....he was so youthful acting for his 11 years he ran up and down the stairs and chasing her cats......... thats why she brought him to her pottery class that she was tearching in Seattle ......to find him a new home where there were less dogs and no cats.

My roomate who was one of her students talked me into taking him. He was a beautiful red 82 lb dog...with gold eyes and had a teddy bear/lion look to him. We had two other dogs and he became one of the family. He loved his walks so much that I walked him every day of his life no matter what. He went to off- leash and swam in Lake Washington frequently. Dryfus got cancer of the tongue a year and a half after I adopted him....that had spread before I even knew he had it and even though I had the tumors taken off his tongue...they came back worse....He was diagnosed Jan 2004...I did every thing possible....surgery, steroids, antibiotics, to slow down the progression...as they told me it was terminal ...

All I could do was make sure the last weeks of his life were the best possible...He had cheeseburgers for breakfast and dinner. We went to off leash and waded in the lake daily. The day before he died he swam with gusto in the lake. The quality pf Dryfus life slowly worsened where on 3/7/04 I had him put to sleep. I held him in my arms as the drugs took effect....I was strong for him until he was gone so he wouldn't be scared but I have never cried so much as when he was gone...I have never regretted adopting an older dog...I feel like I got him during his best and sweetest years.

I am doing this dogstar biography to work out my own grieving for him and to give him a forever home in the stars with my childhood dog Pepper, Susie's dog Jenny, Katy's dog Hershey, Pat's dog Zeek, Barb and Mikes dogs Bailey and Athena, Jerry and Wanda's dog Peter, Margaret's( Kithy's) dog Andy and Kina the red femal.

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