1 October 1992 – 29 October 2004

How can I begin to describe what you mean to me?
You were my best girl, and so much fun
You were my forever friend
I felt you’d been with me forever
And although I knew it wasn’t true I just thought you would be there forever.

I suppose in some ways I just took you for granted
When I was on the settee, you were beside me
When we all went for walks you were there
When I went for a nap, you came too
And there wasn’t a single person who knew you
Who didn’t adore you

You were a typical mongrel, that is to say absolutely unique
You were also incredibly beautiful
In looks as well as in spirit
You had so many special ways that were just Elsa!

Your special greeting sounds, reserved for special friends
Your ‘french’ kisses
How you would politely ask people to get out of your seat on the settee
How you would rearrange the furniture to suit you
Your very extensive bone collection
Your incredible sense of humour
Your ‘somersaults’ into the room!
Your love of life and us
And a million other things that made you our Little Else

The diagnosis of kidney failure was a bolt out of the blue.
The estimate of two weeks to live was awful
We fought together though, and with a very special diet
We actually had eight good months after that.
We had our last summer together, and even a short boating holiday

Then came the day when no matter what I did, I couldn’t make a difference anymore
I would not let you become a walking skeleton
Nor suffer the pain
So we made the decision and you left this world gracefully and with dignity,
having had the very best day that I could give you, on 29 October 2004
We had a lovely gentle walk in your favourite place in the morning
Then we laid on the bed and dreamed all afternoon
Holding you in my arms and trying to imprint the feeling of holding you in my heart forever
I can still feel you now

I cannot express the love and tenderness I feel when I think of you, and I think of you often
Hope you’re playing with Blue and Abbi, who left two years earlier
And our little old Red who left a year ago
I can’t wait to see you all again
When the day comes and it is my turn to leave this world
I will do it with the joy of knowing I will see you again


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