Harvey (Knight Star for Arcazy)

16th April 2003-21st July 2004

Harvey you were the craziest dog we ever met,

We loved the way you walked like an old man, trundling along nice n slow n steady and how you would lean on a wall for a while before setting off again at your slow steady pace, unless you caught the scent of a tasty titbit on the floor and boy were you quick to get there before we saw you. And we loved how when we got to the park you would run around for a bit then constantly roll in the grass, and how you were so happy to just sniff around and then come and lay by our sides and just enjoy the summertime.

We loved the way you were always intrigued by anything new and how your face all wrinkled up with that puzzled look, and how you loved to work out what it was and what it done, and how the look of concentration was a picture.

We loved the sunny mornings when we sat on the step and you would come for a cuddle, you were a huge babes but you still liked to be in our laps as much as possible just like when you were a little puppy. Morning cuddles in the sun were the best and they are what we miss most.

We loved your fascination with water and how you would spend hour's in the paddling pool digging out the water then waiting for it to be filled up so you could do it all over again.

We loved the way you would dig a hole and sit by it with complete pride on your face.

We loved the way we thought of you "When he is good he is very very good and when he is bad he is horrid" but we could never stay mad at you for long, with just that Harvey look you were always quickly forgiven.

We loved so many things about you Harvey but most of all we loved you for being you and for the way you loved us back.

You were strong and full of spirit a true Bull Terrier through and through.

Run free little man, be happy at the Rainbow bridge.

Taken from us by Kidney Disease at just 15 months old.
so sadly missed by Susie, Debbie and Kelly
and sisters Bobbie-Bella and Tiffany

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