Kodi Wilkinson, My Beloved

Although Kodi was with us for only 12 years, she made a major impression on many people. Kodi was always a lady; quiet, gentle, loving, trusting. Kodi never growled, bit, or snapped at anyone. If a child would pull on Kodiís hair, Kodiís eyes would ask for help. Her eyes and face spoke eloquently.

Kodi was my constant companion and friend. We went on walks, camping, & traveling together. Kodi was my focal point for pictures all over the U.S. When my wonderful mother died, Kodi comforted me. When I was sad, Kodi cuddled. When I was happy, Kodi played. She was my everything, always there, always accepting and loving, always trusting.

Kodi loved to run on the beach, walk in the woods, ride in the car, and go to work with me. At night and in the morning, I always lay in bed for a few minutes petting Kodi. She was a soft, beautiful, little cocker spaniel with great intelligence.

While Kodi was a pet therapist, she loved doing tricks for the people. She believed everyone was her friend and loved her.

Kodi was put to rest on Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 10:20 p.m. at the Animal Emergency Hospital in Grand Rapids.

She was loved and loving. We will miss her forever.

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